Entomological Museum of Volos

Entomological Museum of Volos


Dr. Athanasios Koutroumpas is the founder of the Entomological Museum of Volos. Entomology has always been a special interest to Dr. Koutroumpas who started with a collection of Nocturnal Lepidoptera in 1958 while still just 12 years old. Then, in 1964 he was accepted into the University of Agriculture in Athens where he formalized his training in scientific method. From 1974-1978 he specialized in the physiology and systematic classification of insects while studying, classifying, and recording the growing number of acquisitions that would form the basis of the museum.

Today the museum exhibits approximately 100,000 insects of various taxon and more are constantly added. The majority of insects are butterflies (Lepidoptera) that belong to an extensive collection of more than 40,000 species, subspecies, and races. All specimens are classified according to the international rules of Systematic Entomology and have been collected from all continents by Dr. Koutroumpas during scientific expeditions that he has realized himself.

Not only is the Entomological Museum of Volos unique in Greece, but it is the biggest and the most complete private museum in the Balkans. It enjoys renown in both the local and international scientific communities, attracting Greek and foreign entomologists who visit the museum for briefings and the determination of insect types.

With its scientific and aesthetic value, the museum also contributes greatly to the promotion of the city of Volos and the education of citizens. It is listed in the book of museums in the Municipality of Volos and the Book of Greek Records.

* The Entomological Museum of Volos is located on a private estate. Visits are made with a prior telephone call or online communication. Guided tours and briefings are made from Dr. Athanasios Koutroumpas.